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Al Mokhtar Taxi Service has a wealth of experience in commercial travel and are confident that our customers will arrive at their destination, comfortably and hassle free, backed by a computerized data.




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Q Taxi Al Mokhtar services include:

  • 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Modern fleet of vehicles (including: saloons, estates and MVP’s)
  • Fully licensed drivers and vehicles
  • Qualified and skilled drivers
  • Wheel chair accessible vehicles
  • Professional 24 hour courier service
  • Meet & Greet service
  • Corporate Business Account facility (Subject to availability)
  • Executive cars for that special occasion
  • Text Back (auto text back with vehicle details, car reg etc on dispatch and arrival)
  • Vehicle have Door stickers with company name and number.
  • The desired place will be arrived quickly and safely.
  • Competitive and cheaply price.
  • Our drivers know every place in Kuwait.

To get more info. call our service number 23911211 – 23910023.

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